Recycled metal.  Community craftsmanship.  Exquisite style.

Our vision

We all know that the world’s resources are dwindling. In the United States, many of us have the luxury where we can choose to make small changes that can have a global impact. Choosing to buy less is a great start. Choosing to buy responsible products produced by responsible companies is another. Personally, I find this can be a little unsatisfying. I want beautiful things in my life without the worry of how they compromise our world. I want a world where there is nothing that is eco friendly, because it would be a redundant statement. I want a world where we consider the consequences of our actions for future generations. I want a lot.  

GCB designs was created with the goal of producing a beautiful product, that can be worn in everyday life, with minimal damage to the planet. Enjoying beauty is one of the the distinctions that makes us human.
Cast elements in GCB designs are produced from recycled  sterling. Boxes, tags, inserts, postcards, printer paper and anything else we can think of comes from recycled resources or can be recycled. Whenever possible, chains and findings are sourced from recycled materials.

Do you remember the story about the star fish? The one where one person is walking the beach rescuing the stranded star fish and another person comes along to say that there are so many star fish in the world, it won’t matter if you rescue a few. And the first person says, it matters to this one.

Be the person who rescues the star fish, not the one who says it doesn’t matter.

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