Our portfolio

Mid Mod

The 1950's and 1960's were a magical time in American design.
It was going to the moon, the A-bomb, mini skirts and modern conveniences.
Everyone wanted to be current.
New building materials abounded and architecture rode the wave, pushing the limits of what could be done.
The Mid Mod collection is a tribute to that era of innovation.

Sacred gingko

The Sacred Gingko was a collection that labored on the drawing board for a very long time. Periodically I would keep visiting it until it worked. Some collections are just like that. They are going to be ready when they are ready. Gingkos are considered sacred trees in the Asian world and were one of few plants that survived the bombing of Hiroshima.


I would like to introduce you to Henry the seahorse. Henry was one of those designs that just popped onto the drawing board one day.  He was ready to go in record time.  Henry of course likes to swim, he loves bubbles  and always manages to find a party where ever he goes.

Cali Pop

Cali Pop represents the ultimate California fusion collection. Take a stylized California Poppy and mash it with an art nouveau influence and you have a wearable art piece that represents the quintessential California lifestyle of absorbing everything old and mixing it with the new. 

Double Knot

Knots are a frequently a repeated motif in many cultures. Celtic knots get the most credit. In Celtic art, knots are a never ending line that represent the continuous cycle of life. The Double knot collection features  two intertwined infinity symbols pushing the metaphor of never ending cycle to the next level.


The Tangiers collection is inspired by Moroccan art.
Morocco was a land shaped by many conquerers. This is reflected in the art of diverse influence. Buildings are often decorated with detailed mosaics cut from glazed tiles. Intricate labor intensive patterns astonish the eye. I've borrowed some the concepts for modern life.